Tabatha’s Marvellous Monday vibe!

Oh wow! How are all my amazing followers on this marvellous Monday?

Your small travel cat is not too sure what has happened but she is pleased to say she is feeling absolutely fantastic! I hope you all had a super fantastic weekend 😀

Maybe it’s the sun, maybe its my friends, maybe its the Catniptini, maybe its the universe…

This small travel cat wishes you all to have marvellous Monday vibes too!

Have a great Monday everyone!

Your (happy!) travel blogging kitty, Tabs xxxx



Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

And just that message to all my lovely readers 🙂

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, a cat-tastic Caturday and a very sunny Sunday! Also enjoy this lovely (throwback) Thursday.

Enjoy everyone!

Your (sweet) travel blogging kitty, Tabs xxxx


Tabatha writes for Katzenworld!

Hello to all my lovely followers!

Your stuffed ball of fluff is very happy to share her latest works with you all 😀

My publication is now ready to be viewed on the amazing Katzenworld website!

Thank you for your continued support of your very special travel cat 🙂

Your (happy!) travel blogging kitty, Tabs xxxxxx




Kitties just love December! Extra treats, Catniptini, presents, celebrations, the countdown to Christmas, Christmas trees to be destroyed…..hehe!

Its the final month of 2018 guys and this date will never come back around again…so make everyday of your life count!

Your (December loving) travel blogging kitty, Tabs xxxx

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It’s Throwback Thursday!


Throwback Thursday again? Where is this year going???

Passing my blue eyes by in quite a hurry!

2018 really is drawing to a close…December on Saturday! Wow!

This kitty really has had an amazing 11 months so far…challenging but amazing all the same 🙂 

I hope you are all creating happy memories of which you will cherish forever in your hearts 🙂

Happy throwback Thursday everyone!

Your (happy) travel blogging kitty, Tabs xxxx



Tabatha writes for Katzenworld!

Good afternoon everyone! Your sweet as travel cat has great news to share with you all 😀 

My new post about Kiama for ‘Katzenworld’ is now available to view! You can view my kitty works right here:

Thank you for your continued support. You make one travel kitty very happy indeed 🙂

Happy travelling Tuesday everyone!

Your (sweet) travel blogging kitty, Tabs xxxxx

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